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"Be good to be close to family and those supporting you"

"Intelligence is more than School smart"

"Young people aren't out of reach. Services are out of reach"

"I just tried to stay out of trouble, connect with family and friends and get early release"

"The word education isn't a great word"

"Young people need a second chance"

"If someone's got something to lose they will fight to keep it"

"Don't judge a book by its cover"

"Knowing your rights and entitlements means you feel more empowered"

"If I complain, I don't think anything will happen"

"The long term affect is massive, but the decision is based on the judges mood"

"Young people should be involved from the beginning"

Gareth Jones -
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Gareth Jones

Gareth started his career in the Voluntary sector in the early eighties before qualifying as a Probation Officer in 1990. He developed a passion for crime prevention work with young people and this led to him joining Manchester YOT in 2000. He has worked in Lancashire YOT also before becoming Head of Service in Cheshire West, Halton and Warrington in 2005. He has been active in the Association of YOT Managers since 2006 becoming Vice Chair in 2009 and has been Chair since 2012. The AYM is the definitive voice for Managers within YOTs and actively promotes sector led improvements to practice.

He believes passionately that children and young people should be proactively involved in the design of services, particularly in Youth Justice and that Peer Power has an important and unique role to play in developing this.

When he is not being passionate about Youth Justice he is as equally passionate about motorcycles, football, friends and family (in no order of importance).

Gareth Jones