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"Be good to be close to family and those supporting you"

"Intelligence is more than School smart"

"Young people aren't out of reach. Services are out of reach"

"I just tried to stay out of trouble, connect with family and friends and get early release"

"The word education isn't a great word"

"Young people need a second chance"

"If someone's got something to lose they will fight to keep it"

"Don't judge a book by its cover"

"Knowing your rights and entitlements means you feel more empowered"

"If I complain, I don't think anything will happen"

"The long term affect is massive, but the decision is based on the judges mood"

"Young people should be involved from the beginning"

How Involving Children and Young People Can Positively Transform Your Service -
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How Involving Children and Young People Can Positively Transform Your Service

How Involving Children and Young People Can Positively Transform Your Service

Do you want to know how getting children and young people involved can positively transform your service? Do you need free tools for benchmarking and measuring improvement? Download our resource pack and read the co-produced research report now. 

At Peer Power we know how powerful it can be to get children and young people involved in improving the services that affect them. 

Through our years of co-production, lived experience and research we’ve seen first-hand how a positive and empathic experience with a service can have an influential impact on a young person life. It’s important that services understand young people and their priorities in order to provide the best support. We know that collaborating with young people to co-create services helps to build relationships, connection and create lasting positive change.  

So, let’s work together to develop trusted services with young people, rather than for young people. 

In 2021 the Youth Justice Board commissioned us to help explore how well youth justice services (YJS) listen and respond to the views of children and young people. During the project, Peer Power Experts and an academic working group explored how well YJS were involving children and young people in developing their services through a survey and deep dive sessions. 

Using our model of co-production to inform our research methods, we explored the opportunities and challenges that come with participation and co-creation in a youth justice context, so we could offer reflections, share ideas and facilitate learning across the sector.

Through this project we have created a research report, a younger reader summary report and a suite of resources to help practitioners in the youth justice sector with involving children and young people in the design and delivery of their service. You can also find a set of recommendations ranging from Quick Wins to Big Change in both reports.

How were these resources created? 

They were developed from our learning across the project. We listened to requests from children, practitioners and managers from YJS on what they thought they most needed to support the development of participation and co-creation in their services, and captured the good practice already happening. In response, there are resources on areas such as: incentives and rewards for involvement, different types of participation and co-creation we found across the YJS, and how to connect with young people through digital engagement.

Download the participation resources here. 

The Voice and Influence Charter was created from our overall recommendations from the project and is the most crucial resource to help embed participation and co-creation in services. It can be used independently or together with practitioners and children to discuss each area in more detail, giving them the tools to benchmark the current work of the YJS. 

Watch the full playlist here.

If you want to learn more about participation and co-creation, check out our training offer

Thanks to: Aaliyah, Alexys, Bashiie, Jack, Parishma, Ria, Yolanda and Joshua (Peer Power Experts and young partners), Colin Falconer, Dr Samantha Burns, and Dr Sean Creaney, Burphy Zumu and Sandra Hicks (ClearView Research), Lizzie Reid (lizzieslines.com), Mandy Johnson (sketchnotes.co.uk), Mamps Gill, Nicola Kefford and Sue Thomas (Youth Justice Board)

Can’t download our Resource Pack as a ZIP file? Download them individually here.

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